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Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel

Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel

The Ashford Traveller is as well-made as the Traditional. It is made from New Zealand silver beech throughout.

It is an upright or 'castle' style wheel. The flyer is positioned over the wheel giving the wheel a much smaller footprint than the Traditional. The compact design is therefore more portable - it will fit in the boot of your car more easily than the Traditional or Elizabeth.

The flyer is quite high, 80cm from ground to orifice.

It has a double treadle as standard, which makes treadling easier and makes it possible to start and stop the wheel with your feet. It comes with Single drive, but there is a double-drive option.


  • 4 bobbins and built-in lazy Kate (pictured)
  • Double treadle
  • welcome pack including 'Start Spinning' booklet
Free from handspinner.co.uk
  • wax polish
  • fibre
  • yarn gauge
  • copy of The Wheel magazine
  • free carriage

Options for your Traveller wheel:

  • sliding-hook flyer
  • jumbo sliding-hook flyer
  • high-speed flyer kit
  • double-drive or single-drive option when you buy the wheel. The double-drive wheel switches between double and single drive.
  • double treadle kit (if you buy a new wheel from me it will be double-treadle, but if you have an older single-treadle wheel, the kit will convert it to double-treadle)
  • extra bobbins
  • free-standing lazy kate
  • distaff


  • wheel diameter: 46cm (18")
  • orifice 10mm (3/8in)
  • orifice 83cm from ground
  • takes standard bobbins - capacity: 100gm (3-4oz)
  • ratios: 5.5, 10 & 14:1
  • ball bearings

Single drive, natural finish : £445 now out of stock what's going on?
Double drive, natural finish : £450 now out of stock what's going on?

plus postage NB - UK only

Next dispatch: Thu 18 Jan

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