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The Ashford Book of Dyeing - Anne Miller

The Ashford Book of Dyeing - Anne Miller


  • Getting Started
  • Natural Dyeing
  • Using Chemical Dyes
  • Chemical Dye Baths for Protein Fibres
  • Chemical Dye Baths for Cellulose Dyes
  • Direct Application of Chemical Dyes
  • Creative Dyeing Techniques
  • Prepared Liquid Dyes for Silk
  • Dyeing Synthetic Fibres
  • Dyeing with a Microwave Oven
  • Colour
  • Projects

A very comprehensive and thorough book.

Ann Milner has thought carefully about addressing and organising this book for the beginner, but it's very detailed and there's plenty of detail and recipes for the more experienced.

The book covers natural and chemical dyes, and discusses many types of fibre. It discusses creative ideas and techniques such as spray and resist, shibori, kasuri and batik, and has a chapter about understanding colour.

A detailed reference as well as an inspirational book.

Shiela Dixon, 17 October 2010

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