Carding using hand carders

Carding prepares your fibre for spinning a light, airy yarn. It aligns and separates your fibres, and helps to remove any foreign material. Carders are also used to blend colours and fibres.

Charge the carder

charging a carder

Tease out the fibres a little and place staples on one carder with the cut end by the handle.



Hold the other carder in your right hand and gently brush the fibre starting at the tips. This is called a 'pass'. Continue brushing, gradually working up the fibre until the carders overlap. Repeat until all fibre is transferred from one carder to the other.

Change hands, or pick up the fibre onto the first carder and repeat until you're happy that your fibre is soft and airy.

Make a rolag

rolling a rolag

Use the empty carder to lift the fibre off the 'toe' end of the full carder, fold it back and gently roll the carded fibre towards the handle end. Remove from the carder. Spin from one end.


You can buy hand carders.

Using a drum carder

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