Yvonne: All relative

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Crow: Yvonne, why do you play Scrabble with someone who really can't spell? Our game just ended really badly. Yvonne: Well, y'see, it's all relative. It's not what you know it's who you stand next to... (winks)

This is #156, first published 7 June 17

Author comment

Author comment

This makes Crow feel a little uncomfortable, he wonders whether the wink is a little dig at him (as they often stand together). He's obviously more intelligent, cunning and worldly-wise. But those kind of people often have a little self-doubt and Yvonne has a very confident air.

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FRAME 1: Crow: Yvonne, why do you play Scrabble with someone who really can't spell?
Crow: Our game just ended really badly.

Yvonne: Well y'see it's all relative. It's not what you know, it's who you stand next to (winks)


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