Yvonne: Replicant

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Maureen has seen bladerunner and is worried about there being a replicant among them. She finds that her companions are even less intelligent than AI. Full transcript on page.

This is #178, first published 14 Oct 17

Author comment

Author comment

Maureen has seen Bladerunner (she was a fan of the book, liked the original film and isn't sure about the new one). And like a lot of us she has a hard time separating fiction from reality. It doesn't help that a lot of her companions are far less intelligent than a 21st-century replicant would be.

I'm not actually sure whether the turing test has been beaten yet. Opinion seems to be divided. I guess that means that we're close to that point if we've not passed it yet. Because of that uncertainty I didn't use the words 'turing test' in the script. I chose to go that route though and base this joke on intelligence rather than the more empathic-based Voight-Kampff test.

By the way, I really like Anthony Hunter's new paintings. I'm just not very keen on the waffle that often accompanies good art (and bad art). But this cartoon isn't a comment on art or that kind of waffle. I just had to use that to make the point about our own intelligence vs artificial intelligence (even current AI).

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Maureen: One of us could actually be a replicant - how would we know?
Myrtle: The nuances of our conversation are just too subtle for AI to replicate perfectly. If you have a reasonably erudite conversation with a replicant, sooner or later you'd realise that it wasn't a real sheep.
Maureen: Hey Sally, what do you think to Anthony Hunter's new paintings? Do you like the dichotomy, the unintentional chaos and experimental spontaneity within a carefully controlled context?
Sally: Have you tasted this grass over here? It's really yummy!


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