Spinning Frequently Asked Questions

Q Should I finish the wood of my Ashford spinning wheel / carders / lazy kate / etc with something?

A Some of the Ashford items come lacquered, but often 'natural'. Most of the wheels have a natural or lacquered option.

The natural wood is lovely New Zealand Silver Beech and needs something to finish it and protect it.

What you use is a personal choice. I like wax. It takes some elbow grease but it brings out the grain of the wood and gives a nice sheen. Some people like to use an oil (note that the teak oil I sell is for finishing the wood, the spinnig wheel oil is for lubricating the moving parts) and some like to use a varnish.

These things all come in clear or coloured. There are also coloured stains that you can use before you apply the finish, but the wood will darken over time naturally.

Hardware or DIY stores sell most of these things. I sell Teak oil, clear and coloured wax polish.

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